When Should I Turn My Stroller Forward?


If you have a stroller that doubles as a parent-facing stroller and a forward-facing stroller, you may be wondering when the best time is to switch your stroller to forward-facing mode.

In this blog, we’re going to outline the highlights of both parent-facing and forward-facing strollers. We will also offer our expert advice on when your baby should be facing you and when they should be facing the world.

Forward-facing and parent-facing seat units both have a range of benefits depending on the development stage of your baby.

The Benefits Of A Parent-Facing Stroller

A parent-facing stroller allows you to keep an eye on your baby. You can ensure the sun is not in their eyes or the wind is not blowing in their face. You will know if your baby has fallen asleep or if your little one is uncomfortable.

For example, if you notice your little one yawning, you can gently adjust the seat to a lying position so your baby can nap. Being able to see your baby will give you peace of mind when using the stroller.

In addition, parent-facing strollers can aid the development of your little one. Parent-facing strollers encourage plenty of interaction between baby and parent.

Not only will your baby be comforted by seeing a familiar face and hearing a familiar voice, but their language skills will also develop as you talk to them.

parent-facing stroller can aid baby development

When Should My Stroller Be In Parent-Facing Mode?

When exploring stroller options, you may have noticed that most strollers suitable for newborn babies are parent-facing as standard. Plus, many have the option to switch to forward-facing.

If your stroller has a carrycot, your newborn will automatically be in a parent-facing position. This ensures the safety of your little one and enables you to check on your newborn regularly.

If the seat unit of your stroller can lie flat and is suitable for babies of all ages, including toddlers, then the position of your seat unit it completely your decision.

Most parents prefer their stroller to be in the parent-facing mode for the first few months as their baby can not yet hold their own head up or sit up unaided.

The Benefits Of A Forward-Facing Stroller

Forward-facing strollers are beneficial for both developing babies and curious toddlers. You can talk to your little one about the world around them as you are both looking in the same direction.

Your baby or toddler is more likely to notice the objects around them, from trees to car, if they are facing the world rather than their parent. You may find that as your baby becomes an inquisitive toddler, they much prefer to be forward-facing when in the stroller.

When Should My Stroller Be In Forward-Facing Mode?

Truthfully, there is no right or wrong answer. If your forward-facing seat unit is safe for newborn babies i.e. it lies flat and has a suitable harness, you can choose to have your stroller in the forward-facing mode straightaway.

Alternatively, you may prefer to have your stroller in the parent-facing mode, to begin with, before changing it as your little one grows. If your stroller has the correct safety features, the decision is completely up to you. As a parent, you will know what is best for your baby.

toddlers may prefer forward-facing stroller


The JUNIORJONES J-CARBON and J-SPIRIT strollers feature parent-facing and forward-facing seat units. Plus, a Carrycot is available for your newborn bundle of joy.

Safety and quality are at the heart of the JUNIORJONES brand. Every aspect of our strollers, including the adaptable seat units, are expertly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure the highest level of safety.

The J-CARBON and J-SPIRIT parent and forward-facing seat has three recline positions and lies flat. This means it is perfectly suitable and safe from birth up to 22kg. The seat units also feature 5 harness height positions, which can be swiftly adjusted using the simple sliding mechanism.

As with the rest of the stroller, the seat units have been designed with style, comfort and quality in mind. They feature luxuriously soft, yet durable fabrics and a sleek swing-away bumper bar for your little one. The J-CARBON bumper bar has ergonomic elements.

Aside from having a forward-facing and parent-facing seat unit, these two luxurious strollers are also compatible with most Group o+ car seats – creating a travel system with style.

The J-CARBON and J-SPIRIT are innovative strollers that grow with your child.

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