What Age Can A Baby Go In A Stroller?

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If you’re a new parent looking for your first stroller, you may have realised that the world of strollers is somewhat more complicated than you expected. There are so many different types. How are you supposed to know which one is best for your little one?

Here at JUNIORJONES, we know everything there is to know about strollers. We’re experts, after all. And if you’re wondering what age your baby can go in a stroller, we’ve got the answer. We’ll advise you on which stroller is the best for your child, whether you have a newborn baby or toddler.

The Type Of Stroller

The age in which your baby can go in a stroller completely depends on the type of stroller. Your tiny newborn can go in a stroller – providing the stroller is safe for a newborn.

Some strollers are designed for newborn babies, whereas others are designed with toddlers in mind. In addition, there are some strollers that can be adapted as your child grows.

Similarly, there are travel systems, which tend to be suitable from birth and can be used with most car seats. So, you only need to buy one stroller for your bundle of joy.

Strollers Suitable For Newborn Babies

When in a stroller, babies always need to be laid flat. Lying flat helps with the development of the spine, ensures the baby is getting enough oxygen and supports the baby’s neck and head. So, if you’re looking for a suitable stroller for your newborn, you must ensure it lies flat.

Each of the four strollers in the JUNIORJONES range can be adjusted to lie flat, making the strollers suitable for newborn babies.

Our beautiful premium model, the J-CARBON and the sleek and stylish J-SPIRIT are better suited to newborn babies as they feature the additional carrycot accessory and are compatible with baby car seats.


Your baby’s safety is our priority here at JUNIORJONES. Every aspect of our strollers is designed with safety in mind. Our products and innovative engineering provide the utmost safety for your little one. The strollers are also furnished with luxuriously soft fabrics so that it’s incredibly comfortable for your baby.

Strollers Suitable For Toddlers

Strollers for toddlers tend to be lightweight and compact. Most toddlers want to be walking, running, jumping, climbing and exploring. But every now and then, they need to rest their little legs.

If you’re looking for a stroller for your toddler, you need a stroller that’s strong and durable yet lightweight. Your little one is growing by the day, the last thing you want is a stroller that’s far too heavy to push.

You want a stroller that’s great for everyday use but is compact enough to easily fit in the boot of your car or be tucked away in a storage cupboard when not in use.

All of the JUNIORJONES strollers are lightweight and compact when folded. Even the J-CARBON with its carbon fibre components is surprisingly lightweight!

The J-CUB and J-TOURER are forward-facing, which is perfect for a curious toddler. They have multiple seat recline positions, so your toddler can nap comfortably, plus three harness height positions to adjust as your child grows.

If you’re raising your toddler in the city, the sleek J-CUB is the one for you, its slimline chassis fits through underground turnstiles! Or if you’re an avid traveller with plans to show your child the world, the ultra-light and compact J-Tourer is perfect for you.

stroller suitable for toddlers

Strollers That Adapt As Your Child Grows

Perhaps you’d like one stroller that’s going to suit your baby at every age. A stroller that’s suitable and safe for your newborn but can be adapted as your baby grows into an adventurous toddler.

Here at JUNIORJONES, we wanted to create a luxurious stroller that stays with your family for as long as you need. A stroller that can be passed down as your family grows.

The JUNIORJONES strollers have a 22kg weight limit, meaning they are suitable for small children as well as babies and toddlers. The J-CARBON and J-SPIRIT have adaptable and adjustable seats.

They can be used with the carrycot or with most Group O+ car seats. Alternatively, the seat can be parent facing, forward-facing and fully reclined. So, your little one will always be safe and comfortable, whether they’re two weeks old or two years old.

Plus, everything from the seat harness to the hood height can be adjusted as your baby grows. The luxurious on-trend fabrics are durable and safe from sticky little fingers. And the ergonomic bumper bar gives your little one something to hold on to.

If you opt for the J-CARBON, you can refresh the stroller with fabrics, a back panel, wheels and a bumper bar in a new, on-trend colour.

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