The J-PROTECT Stroller Visor is born


The invisible virus. We’ve all been affected by it in some way – each and every one of us, in every Village, Town, City and Country in the world. From the first day we saw China on the news or heard about it on the radio. Then when our day to day reality was locked-down we were reminded every day on every channel. Everything in our lives seemed to change overnight. Staying in became the new going out and ‘COVID’ and ‘CORONA’ were part of everyday conversation, texts and tweets. Being apart from loved ones was harder for those without technology but we started getting creative, even giving nurses and carers mobile phones so we could face time those friends and relatives we couldn’t visit in person.


Lockdown affected everybody differently and it was definitely an uncertain time in the beginning. But then some wonderful things started to happen – people were forced to work from home and found they were becoming a lot more productive because they were less distracted and more comfortable.

Local village businesses realised there were different and better ways they could operate they hadn’t thought of before and started offering local deliveries, securing new local and loyal customers. Families got to spend some real quality time together doing new things like baking and arts & crafts, couples locked down together found out they were expecting their first baby and lots of already expecting couples became a new family for the first time. And the sun just kept on shining!


Fast forward a few months and lockdown started to ease a little, Country by Country. We were allowed to go out again and socialise a little with our own bubble of special people. Going out felt strange at first. The streets were so quiet. Shops were still closed, except for the essential ones. Tables outside the bistros were stacked up and café blinds pulled down. Then day by day, more of us felt we could venture out a little more as long as we took the proper precautions, sanitised hands, wore a mask, stand on the footprints and keep a safe distance from each other and slowly the world started to come alive again.

EVERYONE was eventually wearing a face mask in public spaces. But what about babies and children? They can’t have anything covering their little faces because their airways are much smaller than older children, and breathing through any type of face covering could pose serious issues. And what about other viruses like cold and flu? We discussed this issue in our office and did some research to see what was out there on the market and we couldn’t find anything. So, we arranged an online team meeting.


We design and manufacture the Strollers that these little ones get taken out in everyday, if babies and children under 3 years old can’t wear a face mask and there is nothing out there to protect them, could we design something that would make the Stroller a more protected environment? We discussed it further and shared ideas.

“What about a clear Visor, that attaches to the STROLLER hood that helps protect the baby?”

It had to be clear material, so baby could still see and enjoy everything around them. It had to be as easy to attach to a Stroller as it is to pop on a facemask. It should be as easy to remove as it is to remove a facemask when back into a safe, open space. It had to be easy to clean and sanitise and it needed to be of a size where airflow could still circulate freely around baby. And, one final thing was decided. To make it Universal so every one with a Stroller can benefit from it, not just customers with JUNIORJONES Strollers.

The team worked around the clock for months and finally, after much testing and re-testing, the J-PROTECT Stroller Visor was born! We had a protective product that would make any Stroller a much safer environment to be in when out and about every day with a baby or toddler. A product that would give parents a little extra peace of mind. We absolutely love the finished product and we hope you feel the same.

Best wishes from all at JUNIORJONES


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