The JUNIORJONES Stroller Accessories For Winter

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Ensure you’re winter-ready with these fabulous JUNIORJONES stroller accessories for winter.

Winter is a little bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Some people love getting wrapped up in their winter woollies for a brisk walk or heading to the Alps for a week of skiing. Others prefer to stay indoors, counting down the days to Spring.

Whatever you feel about winter, there’s no denying that taking your baby for a walk in the stroller is a wonderful experience.

The crisp fresh air and exercise are good for your health and wellbeing. And walking in the stroller may help your little one drift off to sleep.

Stroller Accessories For Winter

Here at JUNIORJONES, we understand you want the very best for your baby. And we have everything your family needs to enjoy getting out and about in the winter months.

Aside from our sleek and stylish collection of luxurious strollers, we also have a range of must-have accessories including stroller accessories for winter. Designed with you in mind, our stroller accessories do not compromise on style or quality.

From the J-CARBON Carrycot to the variety of Changing Bags, every accessory within the JUNIORJONES range is as beautiful as it is functional. Plus, each of our strollers come with a rain cover to protect your baby from wind and rain.

Universal Luxury Footmuff

Babies are curious little creatures. When they’re sitting or lying in a stroller, they like to move, wriggle and explore their surroundings. However, this can lead to them kicking a blanket off.

Thankfully, our Universal Luxury Footmuff is a great way to keep your baby or toddler warm and cosy during those cold winter months. This winter essential has a zipped front so you can easily get your little one in and out of the stroller.

The JUNIORJONES Footmuff is lined with durable, plush fleece and is available in three colours Graphite Black, Frost Grey and Insignia Blue. There is also a J-CARBON Deluxe Footmuff, which perfectly coordinates with the J-CARBON stroller.

JUNIORJONES Universal Luxury Footmuff

Stroller Carrycot

The JUNIORJONES Carrycot is perfect for your newborn bundle of joy. It provides a safe, warm and comfortable place for your baby to lie flat during winter walks. It can even be used for occasional overnight sleeping.

Lying flat is essential for a newborn as it helps to promote the healthy development of the organs and spine. The JUNIORJONES Carrycot comes with an incredibly comfortable mattress, adjustable hood, apron and mesh ventilation panel.

There are two types of JUNIORJONES carrycots; the J-CARBON Carrycot for our premium J-CARBON stroller and the J-SPIRIT Carrycot for the stylish J-SPIRIT stroller.

J-CARBON Carrycot

Thermal Shopping Basket

The JUNIORJONES Thermal Shopping Basket easily attaches to the back of your stroller and provides plenty of room for storing shopping and other items. The insulated basket is especially great during the winter months, as it keeps food and drinks warm during your walk.


Even if you’re only going for a short stroll, you still need to pack the essentials. And as any parent can tell you, babies have a lot of essentials. Here at JUNIORJONES, we have a range of gorgeous and functional changing bags, so you can carry your baby’s essentials in style.

During the winter months, you will likely need a larger changing bag as you may need to pack extra essentials including an extra blanket, a warm change of clothes, the rain cover, a woolly hat and mittens and perhaps a spare pram suit.

The JUNIORJONES JESSIE bag is a truly gorgeous bag with a twin zip opening and plenty of space. It has a secret compartment to the front, which provides a great place to store your own essentials such as your phone and wallet.

Plus, the stylish bag also features an insulated bottle pocket and smaller zippered pockets. The JESSIE bag is available in six on-trend colours.

JUNIORJONES Jessie Changing Bag

Alternatively, the IVY bag is a large and practical backpack with huge interior space, mesh pockets, an insulated bottle pocket and additional zippered compartments for smaller items.

Looking After Your JUNIORJONES Stroller In Winter

Winter in the UK often means rain, mud, grit and even snow. But you can keep your stylish JUNIORJONES stroller looking as good as new by cleaning it regularly and protecting it from the elements.

If it is raining or snowing, use the rain cover provides to keep your little one dry. The rain cover will also protect the luxurious fabrics of the stroller.

After a walk, the chassis and wheels may have traces of mud and grit. Gently clean them using a soft cloth and clean water. Antibacterial spray can be used for those tougher stains. However, avoid using abrasive, strong detergents.

If you have cleaned your stroller, ensure it is fully dry before folding it away. You can find out more about cleaning your stroller here.

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