Caring for your Product

We want to ensure that your JUNIORJONES products last a lifetime.  Please read our care guide to help you keep your stroller looking as fantastic as it was designed and intended to be.

  • Before use, carry out a check of all safety features such as brakes, locking devices, tyres, harness and seat positioning.
  • Regularly check that the chassis locking devices are in full working order.
  • If necessary use a silicone-based spray or petroleum jelly to lubricate moving parts.
  • When using this product at the beach, off-road or in winter it is important to clean your stroller chassis using clean fresh water and ensure you dry thoroughly.  Potential corrosion could occur if salt-water and/or salt and grit from the roads is not removed.
  • Fabric marks may be removed using a clean cloth or muslin, clean water, and a gentle detergent.  Alternatively, you can gently rub the fabric with a wet wipe suitable for babies.
  • Check all fastenings regularly to ensure they are locked tight and secure.
  • Keep exposure to sunlight to a minimum as excessive exposure to sunlight could cause discolouration to the fabrics.
  • Always use the rain cover in wet weather to protect fabrics.  Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Keep your stroller away from heat sources such as BBQ’s, fires and heaters.
  • Do not place any items on top of the hood, this could make the product unsafe and potentially damage the fabrics.
  • Do not hang heavy loads from the back or sides of the stroller, it could potentially affect the stability.
  • Tyres can leave marks on some surfaces.
  • Fabrics should be cleaned in accordance with the care labels. Do not wash the fabrics in the washing machine unless the care labels state that this has been tested and approved.
  • Only use a JUNIORJONES J-Board with your JUNIORJONES stroller, using any other ride-on board may invalidate your warranty.
  • Should you find a defect with your pushchair please contact the original place of purchase. Ensure you have your original receipt with the date clearly shown.
  • Failure to practise good maintenance may invalidate a claim under your warranty. To read further information about your stroller warranty please visit the warranty page.

Should you have any concerns about your stroller, you can contact our dedicated Customer Service team on 0800 0156 927 or email us at:

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