What Is The Maximum Stroller Weight Limit?


The average stroller weight limit is around 15kg and most children are around three to three and a half years old once they reach that weight – usually the age a child will no longer require a stroller. However, this restriction doesn’t consider taller or heavier babies or children who require a stroller for longer.

In addition to being perfect for new-borns, the JUNIORJONES stroller range will accommodate children that weigh up to 22kg, giving parents a stroller to last throughout their child’s early years.


Why is there a stroller Weight Limit?

Strollers have a maximum weight limit for obvious reasons; a heavy child could comprise the strength of the stroller, causing it to collapse on itself. For safety reasons, strollers in the UK are tested to a maximum weight capacity, this limit is then clearly labelled on the stroller (usually the chassis or the underside of the seat).

Stroller weight limits also act as a guide for parents buying strollers – so that you can assess the suitability of the model and how long the stroller is likely to last as your child grows, and their weight increases.


Strollers for Bigger Babies

As mentioned, in the UK, the average stroller capacity seems to be around 15kg. On average, a child will be around three years old by this weight and will be relying less on a stroller.

However, this doesn’t consider bigger children, toddlers who aren’t brilliant walkers, or children with health/mobility issues.

Even a tall baby may struggle in a stroller with a 15kg capacity. We all know someone who’s given birth to a baby looking three months old!

Considering this, it’s surprising that most strollers appear to have a 15kg limit in the UK.

a baby in a stroller demonstrating the stroller weight limit for our range


JUNIORJONES Stroller Weight Limit

When developing our range of luxury strollers, we wanted to be able to cater to families who have bigger babies or older children using a stroller, that’s why each stroller in our range is tested up to a weight limit of 22kg.

Our strollers not only have a higher than average weight limit but, are also designed to be easy to handle. We were thinking of both yours and your baby’s comfort. That’s why each of our strollers is fitted with TRU-RIDE 2 technology, meaning even when the stroller is used at capacity, you still get a smooth and easy push. The all-around suspension and easy-grip handlebar also contribute to this superior handling experience.

These features make our strollers not only strong enough to support your bigger child but a comfortable experience for both of you too.

Two of our strollers have features enabling them to accommodate older children or very tall babies. The J-CUB, for example, has a removable hood, giving your child plenty of room to grow into.

The J-TOURER, our super lightweight travel stroller is also ideal for older children so long as their weight doesn’t exceed 22kg – an adjustable footrest means even the tallest of toddlers will be comfortable.

The seat units on all our strollers all also have height-adjustable harnesses so you can make the harness perfectly secure for your child, even as they grow.


Shop Strollers for Bigger Babies

Visit our shop to view our full range of strollers, including the beautiful J-CARBON.

Should you have any questions about weight capacity, or anything to do with strollers, please get in touch for advice.

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