Safe Sleeping Habits For Newborns

Friday 13th March is World Sleep Day. A day organised by the World Sleep Committee to celebrate the importance of sleep and raise awareness of issues relating to sleep. We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share our advice on safe sleeping habits for newborns.

Newborn Babies And Sleep

Newborn babies sleep a lot. Their total daily sleep may vary, but they can sleep for up to 18 hours within a 24 hour period. Because newborn babies have such small stomachs, they tend to need feeding very regularly. This means your newborn will most likely sleep in short bursts throughout the day and night, waking up every 2-3 hours for a feed.

Newborn babies fall asleep everywhere and anywhere. During the day, your baby may fall to sleep whilst you’re cradling them or breastfeeding. Or they may fall to sleep due to the gentle motion of the stroller if you’re out and about. Similarly, they may fall asleep in their car seat if you’re in the car.

When you’re at home, it is a good habit to place your little one in their crib or Moses basket when they drift off to sleep during the day. This also gives you the chance to have a rest, have some lunch or jump in the shower.

At night-time, your baby should always be in their crib or Moses basket when sleeping. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when putting your baby to sleep. So, we thought we would share some essential safe sleeping habits for newborn babies.

The Importance Of Safe Sleeping Habits For Newborns

Adapting safe sleeping habits will keep your baby safe and help you develop and night time routine as your baby grows. Safe sleeping habits also reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and give you peace of mind.

Share A Room

Your baby should be in your bedroom for at least the first six months. Not only is it safer for your little one, but it makes your life much easier. You will be able to hear your baby if they wake up and you will be able to check on them regularly. Plus, it will put your mind at rest having your baby close to you.

sharing a room with baby

Avoid Co-Sleeping

As tempting as it may seem, parents are usually advised to avoid co-sleeping. For the first 6 months, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in their cot rather than your bed. Aside from being safer, putting your baby in their own crib or Moses basket will make things easier in the long run. Co-sleeping is a difficult habit to break.

Many parents sit in or on their bed to feed their little one, but make sure you’re placing your baby back in their crib before you go back to bed.

Similarly, if you are sitting in a nursing chair or on the sofa, always put your baby back in their crib once they have finished feeding and have been winded. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling asleep and putting your baby in danger.

Use A New Firm Mattress

Your baby’s crib or Moses basket should have a firm and flat mattress. A brand new mattress is always best, as these are considered safer than a second hand one. The mattress should have a waterproof cover and clean, fitted sheet on.

When it comes to the crib, a clear crib is a safe crib. This means you should avoid placing pillows, stuffed toys or crib bumpers in the crib.

If you’re using a blanket to keep your baby warm, ensure it is firmly tucked in and not above shoulder height. Alternatively, a baby sleeping bag may be a better option.

Check The Room Temperature

Many people believe that babies should be wrapped up warmly. However, your newborn baby will become agitated and uncomfortable if they are too hot.

Try to keep the room temperature between 16-20 degrees and avoid dressing your baby in too many layers.

Dress Your Baby Appropriately

When it comes to dressing your baby for bed, keep it simple. Depending on the temperature and whether or not you are using a baby sleeping bag, your baby will be most comfortable in a vest and lightweight sleepsuit.

This infographic provides a handy guide for what you should dress your newborn in depending on the temperature of the room.

safe sleeping habits for newborns

The Best Sleeping Position For Your Baby

When you’re putting your baby down to sleep, always ensure you place them on their back. Your newborn should never be placed on their front or on their side. Also, ensure the space around your baby’s head and face is clear.

Ensure It’s A Smoke-Free Home

Do not let anyone smoke or use e-cigarettes near your baby. If you or your partner smoke, aim to keep your home and car completely smoke-free.

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