Celebrating Mothers At JUNIORJONES With A Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate mothers around the world.

In many countries, including Australia, Canada and the United States of America, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May. But in the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This year, that’s 22nd March.

Before we have a look at how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, let us first share with you our Mother’s Day giveaway!

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Mother’s Day Giveaway

Here at JUNIORJONES, we are giving away a beautiful flower bouquet to one lucky person this Mother’s Day. If you know someone who deserves to have a gorgeous bunch of flowers delivered to their door, head to our social media channels and nominate them! It’s simple.

Go to the JUNIORJONES Facebook or Instagram page, find our Mother’s Day giveaway post and nominate someone special in the comments.

You might choose to nominate your mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, mother-in-law or friend. Don’t forget to tell us why the special person you chose should receive the Mother’s Day gift.

You can also share the post with your family and friends and encourage them to nominate someone too. The winner will be announced before Mother’s Day so be quick if you would like to get your nominations in!

Celebrating Mothers Around The World

Although it is celebrated on different dates around the world, Mother’s Day has many similarities from country to country. For example, most countries celebrate Mother’s Day by showering their mothers with gifts, usually flowers.

In some countries, such as the UK, Mothering Sunday is an age-old tradition. But in other countries, such as India, Mother’s Day is a relatively new celebration.

Traditionally in the UK, Mother’s Day was a time when the family came together to attend church. For some people that is still the case. But for other’s Mother’s Day has now been blended with the American approach to Mother’s Day.

Like the US, Mother’s Day is celebrated by making your mum breakfast in bed, or going out for lunch, or cooking mums favourite meal. And there’s always plenty of gifts, heartfelt cards and flowers.

How Do Other Counties Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Most countries around the world have adopted this approach to Mother’s Day. However, many of these countries also have their unique take on Mother’s Day. For example:

  • In Brazil, Mother’s Day is the second most commercial holiday celebrated and is a huge event with children’s performances, family gatherings and multi-generational barbeques.
  • Mexico also celebrates Mother’s Day in a huge way. There is music, partying and lots of homemade food. Plus, they often sing the “Las Mananitas” in the morning – a traditional Mexican birthday song for women and girls.
  • In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is celebrated as part of a three-day festival. The Abtrosht Festival is dedicated to Mother’s and marks the end of the rainy season.
  • Serbia has its very own take on Mother’s Day. And it is truly unique. They celebrate Children’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day within weeks of each other. Mother’s Day is celebrated on December 27th and the mothers are tied up by their children before being untied to exchange gifts. Similarly, on Children’s Day, the parents tie the children up and on Father’s Day the children tie their father’s up!
  • In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of the revered Queen Sirikit. On August 12th, the locals enjoy parades and celebratory ceremonies.
  • In Australia, many events are held around Mother’s Day to raise money for women’s causes and charities.

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Due to recent events and the precautions in place, we’re aware that your Mother’s Day may not be what you had originally planned. But we hope, with the use of modern technology, you can still celebrate the day with your loved ones. Happy Mother’s Day!

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