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When it comes to deciding on the perfect stroller for your family, there are so many options to choose from. As a parent, you want the very best for your child. A bargain buggy isn’t going to cut it. You want your little one to travel in a designer stroller that offers the utmost comfort and style.

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing your first stroller, particularly if you’re going to invest in a luxurious designer stroller.

In this blog, we’re going to highlight the key features of a designer stroller.

What Makes It A ‘Designer Stroller’?

When you purchase a designer stroller, you are not purchasing it because it features the logo of a luxury brand, you’re purchasing it because it is the epitome of quality.

It’s almost like buying a designer handbag. You don’t buy a Mulberry simply because of the logo attached to it, you buy it for its practicality and versatility paired with its beautifully crafted leather materials. When you’re buying a designer stroller, you are paying for quality, durability and a touch of class.

You want a stroller that demonstrates what type of parent you are – a parent with style, who only wants the very best for their baby. But what is it that makes a designer stroller? And what makes a stroller brand truly luxurious?

Luxuriously Soft Yet Durable Fabrics

Here at JUNIORJONES, each stroller in our range features individually selected fabrics that have been curated to provide comfort, style and quality.

Attention to detail is reflected in every stitch and seam of these luxurious and chic fabrics. In addition, our beautiful fabrics are available in a range of fashionable colours.

Our premium model, the J-Carbon features fabrics that are fully customisable. The seat liner, hood and harness pad can be updated with stylish new colours. These include Graphite Black, Frost Grey, Bombay Rust, Caribbean Blue, Imperial Blue, Persian Red and Sunset Pink.

JUNIORJONES designer stroller with luxurious fabrics

Innovative Technology

The JUNIORJONES strollers have been designed and engineered with innovative technological features, including Tru-Ride 2 technology and superior all-round suspension.

The tyres and suspension on a stroller have a huge impact on the performance and durability. A designer stroller should feature tyres and suspension that offer maximum comfort, durability and ease of handling.

The JUNIORJONES strollers, with their Tru-Ride 2 technology, provide a smooth ride for both yourself and your baby. Our unique combination of soft yet durable PU Polymer tyres, high-quality bearings and bespoke suspension create a designer stroller that’s a dream to push whatever the terrain. You don’t get that with a budget stroller!

Premium Materials

The JUNIORJONES premium model – the J-Carbon is one of a kind. The stroller chassis is manufactured from sleek carbon fibre, a material known for its strength and durability.

This all-new carbon fibre stroller is a designer stroller that’s sure to turn heads with its elegance and style.

Aside from its premium carbon fibre materials and deluxe fabrics, the J-Carbon features an array of outstanding elements. These include a sculpted ergonomic handlebar and a compact fold. Despite carbon fibre being known for its robust qualities, the J-Carbon is surprisingly lightweight and versatile.

Tested Beyond The Usual Safety Standards

Each stroller in the JUNIORJONES range is tested beyond safety standards – to Junior’s standards, as we like to say. Safety is our biggest priority, which is why we have created a stylish designer stroller that doesn’t compromise on safety.

The JUNIORJONES strollers are engineered to be as safe and durable as possible. Not only do they comply with the UK and European safety standards, but they are also independently tested to demonstrate safety.

A designer stroller combines quality, durability and safety for your baby

Sleek And Stylish Design

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. Much like a high-end fashion label, our strollers are as practical as they are stylish. With lavish fabrics in chic colours, discreet branding and fine details, J-Carbon is elegant in an understated way.

It is a stroller that even the most fashion-conscious parent would be happy to push. The J-Carbon looks like a designer stroller; performs like a designer stroller and is the perfect stroller for your family.

Variety Of Features

As well as quality, technology and style, designer strollers also have a variety of smart features. Unlike budget buggies, a designer stroller encompasses a range of small yet significant features. These innovative additions ensure amazing functionality and improve the user experience.

The J-Carbon, for example, can be easily folded with one hand and is compact when folded. It can be folded with the seat on, which is a lifesaver for busy parents, and it’s freestanding when folded.

The J-Carbon stroller is car seat compatible, meaning you have the option of a full travel system for your family. It also features a flip-flop friendly brake, ergonomic elements and a height-adjustable handlebar.

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