3 Wheel Stroller vs 4 Wheel Stroller – Which is Best?

Buying a stroller can be confusing, especially for first-time parents. With so many options available on the market there are a lot of decisions to make and maybe a list of pros and cons. Choosing a stroller appropriate to your babies age and size is the first priority but a close second is your own lifestyle. You’re the one pushing the stroller after all! When looking at strollers, parents can get stuck on 3 wheels or 4 – there are a wide range of 3 wheel strollers available on the market, but are they any better than a four-wheel stroller or are they just a gimmick? Let’s take a look at the key differences, and how JUNIORJONES strollers hold up against 3 wheel options.


Are Three-Wheeled Strollers Better?

Three-wheeled strollers are quite popular with parents, especially those who like to stay fit.

A three-wheeled stroller usually has two bigger wheels at the back of the stroller to prevent it from falling over and to increase the stability. The wheel at the front is the one which controls the steering and handling, which generally makes three-wheel strollers quite easy to handle and get about with.

Most three-wheel strollers are also easy to push with one hand so they’re ideal if you have a walking age child who’s hand may need holding, or you may just find it more comfortable to use one hand.

However, the front tyre should ideally be a swivel one or give you the option to switch between fixed and swivel. Handling a three-wheeled stroller that has a fixed front wheel can be quite difficult.

Many parents opt for three-wheel strollers believing they are better equipped to use on bumpy surfaces and different sorts of terrain. People who enjoy jogging in parks or woodland paths are often tempted to buy three-wheel strollers for this reason.

However, those qualities completely depend on the type of tyres the three-wheeled stroller is equipped with. Tyres and suspension make a huge difference to the way a stroller will handle on uneven ground.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a three-wheeled stroller, depending on the model you choose. When you consider most modern four-wheel strollers have excellent suspension and a wide choice of tyres, it’s difficult to see why you would opt for a three-wheel stroller, unless you are looking for a specific jogger model, designed for running with.

Four-Wheel Stroller

Just like three-wheeled strollers, four-wheeled models come in a wide range of varieties to suit all budgets and what you will be using the stroller for.

There are many four-wheel strollers that are just as equipped to handle uneven ground as three-wheeled strollers.

JUNIORJONES strollers have been expertly engineered to be able to handle all a variety of terrains – each stroller in our range comes equipped with TRU-RIDE 2 which makes the handling and comfort of our strollers in line with what a three-wheeled model would offer.

As mentioned, stroller tyres vary between brands – all of our strollers feature tyres made from a softer PU polymer that is made for superior comfort. These tyres are puncture resistant and highly durable – lasting up to ten times longer than the ordinary EVA tyres. Superior bearings and bespoke tuned suspension work in harmony with the tyre to give an effortless push experience.

These features make our range extremely easy to handle and suitable for a range of terrains. Not forgetting basics – our strollers also handle kerbs and steps easily.

If you’re tempted to buy a three-wheel stroller because you want something light and easy to handle, why not take a look at the J-CUB. Our smart city stroller is comparable to many three-wheel models as it is so compact and easy to handle.

J-CUB Best City four-wheel stroller

Weighing just 8.3kg, the J-CUB is ideal for families who want a light, simple solution for urban living. Its neat design is perfect for public transport; it will even slip through London Underground turnstiles with ease.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg, the J-CUB is also very easy to fold and unfold. The stroller also comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar, which is unusual on compact strollers.

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